What Needs to Be on Your HOA Annual Meeting Checklist

Annual Homeowner Association (HOA) meetings are crucial to keeping the community informed and involved. This delegated time provides residents the opportunity to come together to discuss and vote on important matters.

It’s important to create and follow an HOA annual meeting checklist to execute a successful meeting that covers all the necessary topics.

Overview of What Must be on the Checklist 

The primary goal of an annual HOA meeting is to address significant topics that affect the community at large.

Monthly board meetings address smaller HOA matters that generally deal with the day-to-day administration of the association.

When preparing for the annual HOA meeting, consider including the following items in your meeting checklist:

  • Major milestones or successes among the board or community
  • Presentations by the board, its committees, and professionals involved in community business like accountants, contractors, and vendors
  • Announcements about staff or management changes
  • Proposals requiring residents’ approval
  • Approval of the annual budget

Additional Things you may Want to Consider 

Successful annual HOA meetings also involve thorough planning and preparation.

As you begin organizing the meeting, keep these logistics in mind:

  • Date: When choosing a suitable time for your annual HOA meeting, pick a date and time that is most convenient for your residents, like after normal work hours or on the weekends. It’s also crucial you give residents enough time to pencil in the meeting. Most HOAs have the annual meeting on the calendar at least six to eight months in advance.
  • Location: Of course, you want to ensure that the location of your meeting is in proximity to your community members. If there is a large enough common area within the neighborhood, consider hosting the meeting there. Otherwise, pick a fun venue or location nearby to host the meeting. 
  • Announcements: How are you going to notify residents about the annual meeting? While it’s generally required to notify each HOA member directly, it’s also essential to market the meeting other ways. Consider hanging reminders throughout common areas. If your HOA has a website or social media channels,  you can also post announcements online.
  • Agenda: Residents should also be notified of the annual meeting’s agenda beforehand. The bylaws likely describe any notice requirements the board or managers must comply with in advance of the annual meeting.
  • Incentives: Incentives are extremely helpful to encourage residents to attend annual HOA meetings. Consider offering food or prizes at the meeting.

Additional Resources

For more information on HOA annual meetings, you can refer to your homeowner association’s bylaws. These governing documents lay out the specific guidelines for HOA operations, including annual meeting requirements.

You can also get in touch with an experienced real estate broker who has a thorough understanding of the HOA annual meeting checklist.

What You Need to Know About a Condo Board Meeting

If you are a condo owner, or in the process of becoming one, chances are you’ll eventually be invited to a condo board meeting. Before attending one of these meetings, it’s important to understand why they exist and how they operate.

Overview of a Condo Board Meeting

When you purchase a condominium unit, you automatically become a member of a homeowner association and are expected to pay regular membership dues.

This association is run by an elected board of directors, which handles the maintenance and repair of common areas, disputing among unit owners, and enforcement of rules and regulations, and condominium fees.

This association board is required to arrange condo board meetings because it operates as a corporation and therefore needs to meet with its officers and shareholders- in this case, board members and homeowners. 

The condo board meetings allocate regular time for the board to manage the day-to-day administration of the condo association.

Things New Condo Owners Should Know

If you’ve recently purchased a condo unit and you’re new to the association, there are a couple of things to keep in mind about condo board meetings.

First, before attending a scheduled meeting, ensure that it’s not a “closed-door” meeting for board directors only. However, in most cases, unit owners are legally allowed to attend open board meetings.

Even if the meeting is open to the entire association, you may not have the right to actively participate or vote during the board meeting. Annual meetings are designated at another time during the year to open up the floor to all members of the association to discuss broader issues.

Condo associations are always required to send out a notice at least 48 hours before a condo board meeting.These notices need to be mailed directly to all members of the association. They are also often posted around the condominium building.

As a new condo owner, it may be in your interest to attend these condo board meetings, although they aren’t required. Being present for these conversations can help you stay up to speed with board decisions that may directly improve your quality of life and the value of your property.

These meetings can also help you better prepare for the annual meetings when your voice can be heard, and you have the ability to vote on important matters.

Additional Resources

For additional information regarding your condo board meetings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your association’s board directly. You can also request access to your association’s board policies.

If you’re in the process of finding a condo, your licensed broker is a great resource to learn more about your prospective condo association and its board meetings.

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Where to Live in Wrightwood Neighbors

Lincoln Park remains one of Chicago’s favorite neighborhoods. Nestled within this popular area, you’ll find Wrightwood Neighbors, complete with incredible charm, convenience, and convenience.

Neighborhood Overview

Wrightwood Neighbors offers a phenomenal location, situated in north Lincoln Park and bounded by Halsted, Fullerton, Lakewood, and Diversey.

This lively pocket neighborhood features a great mix of new and historic real estate, along with a great sense of community for people both old and young.

Wrightwood Neighbors is also home to part of the DePaul University campus and many of its students. These students, along with the rest of Wrightwood Neighbor’s residents, are surrounded by an incredible mix of incredible dining and nightlife.

Batters and Berries, located at the northern tip of Wrightwood Neighbors, offers some of the Windy City’s best brunch. While most weekends ensure a long wait, we promise that the french toast flight is completely worth it.

Broken English Taco Pub provides the perfect spot to spend a sunny afternoon enjoying the inviting patio, tasty tacos and mouth-watering margaritas.

For an evening filled with live music, Wrightwood Neighbors does not disappoint. On any day of the week, you can find locals and visitors alike enjoying some of Chicago’s greatest jazz at Kingston Mines or live musical performances at Lincoln Hall.

Rose’s Lounge, Lincoln Ave’s popular dive bar, makes for the perfect spot to end the evening. This cozy ’80s themed, underground bar will take you right back to your grandmother’s basement.

Where to Find Condos

Scattered throughout the charming streets of Wrightwood Neighbors you’ll find a wide selection of condos.

The Luxury Living sale’s site provides an up-to-date map containing current condos on the market in Wrightwood Neighbors.

The Wrightwood Neighbors Association page also provides a great resource to learn more about the area and potential spots that fit what you are looking for.

If you have your heart set on a condo centered around all of the action, Diversey, Lincoln, and Fullerton are great streets to start looking.

Condos situated on the side streets will provide a bit more peace and quiet, and generally offer more family-friendly units.

How to Tour Them

If you find a listing that catches your eye, be sure to connect with a licensed professional who can help you set up a tour to view the property.

Touring properties is the best way to get a closer look at your potential property and help narrow down the best fit for your housing needs.

The Luxury Living Team boasts an incredible group of qualified brokers who have a thorough understanding of the buying process, as well as the Chicago neighborhoods.

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Walk Through These Lincoln Park Condos

If you are looking for that neighborhood charm, but not ready to give up the ease of big city living, consider making a move to one of Chicago’s favorite neighborhoods.

The Lincoln Park neighborhood, nestled north of downtown right along Lake Michigan, is one that offers its residents unrivaled character and convenience.

With plenty of incredible homes on the market, the Luxury Living team is here to help provide insight into some of the best Lincoln Park condos.

Walk Through These Lincoln Park Condos

Strolling through Lincoln Park, you’ll get the perfect taste of old meets new, with a mix of historic walk-ups and brand new beautiful builds scattered throughout the neighborhood.

See for yourself what ideal park front living looks like and stop by 1960 North Lincoln Park West. This incredibly rare and recently updated condo delivers unbeatable location and amenities. Situated right along Lincoln Park, this property offers easy access to the lake, Lincoln Park Zoo, and CTA. Additionally, every unit provides fully-renovated open-concept kitchens complete with granite countertops and expansive countertops, private covered balconies with sliding glass doors, and captivating panoramic views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline.

If you’re all about vintage charm, don’t miss out on the beautiful condo that recently hit the Lincoln Park market. 2317 North Cambridge Avenue #2S offers a stunning space in the self-managed building right in the center of the charming Lincoln Park neighborhood. The available unite features beautiful original dark wood trim, hardwood floors throughout, and mature trees hugging the building.

Unique Amenities or Locations

If you’re drawn to prime location, rest assured that the Lincoln Park neighborhood is full of hot spots. Many of the top properties in the neighborhood are located along the park and near the University of DePaul campus.

Condos near Armitage Avenue also provide an unbeatable location near some of the neighborhood’s best shopping and dining. However, you can find fabulous condos sprinkled throughout the entire area.

For some of the neighborhood’s most impressive amenities, check out Elevate Lincoln Park. This luxury building offers unrivaled units. The property features an impressive courtyard overlooking Lincoln Avenue complete with grills and a fire pit, a rooftop plunge pool with cabanas, an outdoor dog walk, a state-of-the-art fitness center and yoga room, a party room with demonstration kitchen, and built-in seating areas with free Wi-Fi in the common areas.

How to Tour Them

If you’re interested in checking out Lincoln Park’s most desirable condos for yourself, get in touch with an experienced broker who can help set up a property tour and ease the search for your dream place.

The Luxury Living team has a thorough understanding of the Chicago market and insight into finding the best Lincoln Park condos. Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to find your dream home today!


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